Air Conditioning for Offices & Server Rooms

Creating an ideal environment for employees to be their most productive is essential to success, as well as providing a comfortable space for client meetings and safe storage for expensive server equipment.

Effective air conditioning is the ideal solution and Mechcool are experts at installation, maintenance and repairing office air conditioning systems.

Benefits of an ideal system include:

  • Productive staff
  • Impressed visitors
  • Aesthetic and modern designs
  • Quiet and undisruptive units
  • Increased climate control

Having an ineffective system results in office disagreements and can look unprofessional to guests you are trying to welcome. If your office is based in Surrey, Sussex or South London, the team at Mechcool can help plan a system upgrade to best suit your space and craft an advantageous working environment.

Productive environment

Our systems keep staff at the right temperatures throughout the whole year – warm in the colder months and cool in the hotter months – meaning no one has to shiver or feel uncomfortably hot. With comfort achieved, staff are able to concentrate on the tasks at hand, making everyone more productive day to day.

Large server equipment is also kept at the optimum temperature so it will not overheat. When a system gets too hot, IT performance may be negatively affected and ongoing maintenance costs may increase should issues occur.

Taking into account size, shape and layout, our team help to provide a consistent temperature for your office. System options include:

  • Wall-mounted units
  • Ceiling units
  • Quiet ventilation
  • Split systems for additional versatility

As we plan your system, we also take into account the overall aesthetics of your office so the system naturally blends and largely goes unnoticed. Easy to use controls and remote controls are also built into the design.

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At Mechcool, we have years of experience in installing tailored air conditioning systems into a wide range of offices, both small and large, and are able to work in a way to cause minimal disruption to working life.

Our air conditioning, heating and ventilation services are cost-effective and undertaken with bespoke consideration to your circumstances and aims, taking into account seasonality and layout.

Make an enquiry or contact us for a no obligation chat by phone, email or using our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.