Ventilation Maintenance & Servicing

How healthy is your ventilation system?

A poorly maintained ventilation system is unhealthy for both the building and its occupants. Dirty pipework and fans cause unnecessary strain on the system, reducing efficiency and shortening its lifespan. This could result in expensive repair work in the future or failure at a critical moment. Grubby fans can also reduce the quality of air they bring in, circulating germs and bacteria or allowing dust and debris to enter the building. Regular maintenance will alert you to these potential hazards before they negatively impact upon your business – or your wallet.

What to expect from Mechool

We recommend a ventilation system is checked at least once a year. However, as each business has different requirements, your ventilation maintenance plan will be tailored to suit you. You might require a visit from us once a year or it could be triple that. Whatever we discover when we visit, we will always keep you abreast of the the health of your system and alert you to any potential problems.This proactive approach is why our customers come back to us again and again – we provide trusted advise and a swift solution.

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