Ventilation Repair

What to do when your ventilation system fails

When the fans stop spinning in your building, it can make working conditions uncomfortable for employees and staff. However, if your business or equipment relies on a steady steam of air to function correctly, a faulty ventilation system could cause much more serious problems. Don't let a problem escalate when a call to Mechcool could resolve the issue. Our qualified engineers will carry out ventilation repairs to a high standard – call 01403 791307 now and get your ventilation back to 100%.

Giving you a helping hand

Faults in your ventilation can develop for many reasons. Ducts and fans can become clogged with debris, causing your system to work harder to adequately ventilate the building. Over time, this will shorten the lifespan of your ventilation system. It's easy to ignore a problem and hope it will go away. However, this can turn what would have been a quick fix into an expensive repair job. To help identify the problem faster, take a look at our Help Guides. These will advise you on the best course of action to take before you have to call in the experts.

Don't forget that a trained Mechcool engineer is just a phone call away. Get in touch and talk through what's worrying you about your ventilation system.