Air Conditioning for Schools & Colleges

Having a well air-conditioned environment for students and teachers to work is vital to any learning facility. The right systems can improve concentration throughout the year for classrooms, lecture halls, sports halls and cafeterias.

Mechcool has been installing air conditioning in schools, colleges and universities for a number of years, including systems such as:

  • Wall mounted units
  • Mounted ceiling
  • Ducted systems
  • Under-ceiling units
  • Ceiling cassettes

Our expert team, operating throughout Sussex, Surrey and London, tailor each system to your requirements to ensure a cool and controlled environment.

Expert system design

Taking into account room size, layout and purpose are essential in creating a system ideal for the education sector. We recommend quiet air conditioning units to minimise distraction and to provide a balanced, gentle air flow, either cool or warm depending on the time of year.

Which system is best for you?

Wall mounted systems are cost-effective as they can be retrofitted, avoiding the need for redecoration, and can provide maximum flow to a room without cold drafts. These systems, as with cassette type units, are visible from below.

Ceiling mounted options are discrete and well-suited to modern interiors with false ceilings, as are duct units which are concealed; they can go above the ceiling so nothing is seen. In comparison, halls and larger rooms would benefit from an under-ceiling system that offers a more powerful airflow.

Should your premises undergo a building project, this would be the ideal time to install ducted units – hidden in the ceiling with only small grills visible – but can be retrofitted on suspended ceilings.

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Our engineers are able to approach any job, big or small, with skill and professionalism, providing you with the best value air conditioning system, heating or ventilation for your school. We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your requirements.