What are the benefits of air conditioning?

Keeps you at a constant temperature throughout the year allowing your employees to work efficiently

Do I need planning permission to have a climate control system installed?

Should not require permission but is subject to a site survey as sometimes the siting of the condensing unit may need approval from local planning

How much power does an air conditioning unit use?

Power consumption can vary depending on unit size. New inverter driven units are more efficient as they work on a demand instead of running constantly at 100%. On a new 2.5kw system 0.58kw will give you 2.5 kw of cooling.

How noisy is an air conditioning unit?

New inverter ac systems are generally very quiet. Indoor units run between 20-45db, outdoor units between 50-82db

Do the new F gas regulations apply to me?

Yes If you have any 1 system with more than 3kg of refrigerant or more than 12kw in total for one or more of your air conditioning systems then fgas regulations apply to you and your system / systems require a regular fgas check.

What should I do if my current air conditioning unit contains R22 gas?

If your system is running on R22 you need to consider getting your existing equipment replaced. Other options may be possible but will require a site inspection.


Will my office need to be empty when you install the system?

No we can work around you but health,safety and noise may be an issue. If this is the case certain parts of the work could be done out of hours subject to agreement.

How long will the installation process take?

This can vary depending on the amount of systems you are having installed. Generally 1 split system will take 2 days

Do I have to wait before turning on my new system?

Once we have installed and commissioned the system the system will be handed over to you and will be fully operational


How frequently should my air conditioning unit be checked for leaks?

Refrigerant should be checked at least once a year but we recommend 2-3 visits a year to maintain your systems efficiency

Water is leaking from my unit - what should I do?

Turn off the system via the controller which will stop the system cooling and producing condensation. Place a bucket or suitable container underneath the unit and eventually the water leak will subside. Call mechcool and we will be out to you as soon as possible

Why isn't my unit switching on?

No power – Is the electrical isolator Turned on? Is there a display on the controller (if it is an infa red remote, check batteries). If all of these have been checked call mechcool