Air Conditioning Engineers In Horsham, West Sussex

Our team of experts work across Sussex, Surrey & London.

Why Mechcool for your air conditioning?

Mechcool keeps businesses and homes in the South East of England at the perfect temperature all year round with state of the art air conditioning solutions. Our team of air conditioning experts in Horsham provide detailed installation, repair and maintenance services, including out of hours maintenance contracts and emergency callouts tailored to your requirements.

Air Conditioning Repair and Support

Air conditioning water leaks and repairs are no hassle, as we're here to support you when things go wrong. With over 20 years of experience, we pride ourselves in offering clear guidance and a flexible, reliable service across West Sussex with efficient and high quality results.

air conditioning units

Air conditioning systems we work with:

  • VRF
  • Wall mounted split systems
  • Ducted systems
  • VRV
  • Cassette split systems
  • Air source heat systems
  • Close control systems
  • Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan

Our installation, repair and maintenance services are suitable for a range of sectors and properties, including offices, shops, sports centres, homes, multi-story developments, large retail spaces, factories, and medical facilities. These include:

We offer free, no-obligation quotes for all our air conditioning services in Sussex, Surrey and London. Get in touch today or call us 01403 791307 or 07584 438322.

Air Conditioning Installation

Get the air flowing

Our services include:

  • On site consultation
  • Energy efficient designs
  • Cost effective systems
  • Installation at your convenience
  • Extensive quality testing
  • Operational training

Whether you need an air conditioning engineer to design a bespoke system from scratch or implement your project specification, we offer honest, practical and expert advice.

Energy efficient systems

The majority of the systems we install have an energy efficiency rating of A+ and take care of all heating and cooling needs. We are always upfront about the lifetime costs of an installation and recommend the best approach to meet your long term goals.

What happens to your project?

If your installation forms part of a major project, we work with building and engineering contractors, architects and other specialists to complete project objectives to the required timescale.

Customers often turn to us for our expert knowledge of air conditioning installations, so we provide practical feedback on design proposals and make recommendations about specific technical points.

Comprehensive tests and warranty

Once we have installed your air con units, we run comprehensive tests to make sure it is functioning correctly and give everyone responsible for operating the units a full walkthrough of the controls. Even after handing over the system, we are always available to answer questions by phone and will come out to take a look if you have a problem.

We also offer a warranty on our air conditioning systems and can provide additional ongoing maintenance packages for all of our installations, ensuring systems are running at optimum performance whilst giving our customers peace of mind.

Air Conditioning Repairs

Trusted experts for when things go wrong

Sometimes repair work on your air conditioning unit is essential – even the most well-maintained system will need attention over time to ensure efficient and high-quality performance.

While it can be stressful when an issue occurs, we're here to help. Whether we originally installed your system or you're looking for an engineer you can rely on, Mechcool is the air conditioning team to trust in Horsham, West Sussex.

Our repair services include:

  • Commercial and residential systems
  • Servicing and repairs
  • Emergency callouts
  • F Gas registered

We repair a variety of air conditioning units in Sussexand Surrey, from small systems in home offices and shops to large site installations and multi-stories. For experienced engineers that will find the best solution fast, get in touch today.

Transparent repairs

Our engineers are experts when it comes to air conditioning. However, we understand that this is not our clients area of expertise. That's why we always take the time to listen to your concerns before suggesting the best way to fix a problem.

We've found that with a bit of knowledge, you'll get the best out of your air conditioning system and avoid having to carry out expensive repair work later down the line.

Save money with regular maintenance

When your air conditioning system is running smoothly, it's easy to forget about it – until something goes wrong. However, Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) typically doubles the functional lifetime of your system and stops small issues becoming big and expensive problems.

Don't suffer the stress of an avoidable breakdown – speak to us today about a maintenance schedule and give your air conditioning system some TLC.

Air Conditioning Services & Maintenance

Ongoing support and air conditioning management

With regular services and vital maintenance you will benefit from:

  • Optimised performance
  • Reduced running costs
  • Comfortable internal environments
  • Stable temperatures

If we spot a problem with your system – whether it will affect you now or when the seasons change – we will bring it to your attention to ensure everything continues to run smoothly.

Improve hygiene and safety

A poorly maintained air conditioning system can cause discomfort in more ways than one. As well as negatively affecting efficiency, blocked or dirty indoor coils and slime ridden drip trays are a breeding ground for bacteria. These can cause hygiene or health and safety issues, as well as unpleasant odours. This can be especially problematic in dental and medical facilities where bacteria may build up quickly.

Regular cleaning and treatment of coils, drip trays and drain lines with specialist fluids will eliminate the problem – keeping you and your air conditioning system healthy.

Cost effective solution

An inefficient air conditioning system can also be expensive to run. Today’s inverter-driven systems are extremely energy efficient but only when they are maintained to the highest standards.

Blocked filters, clogged indoor coils, dirty condensers and undercharged systems cause an inverter compressor to work harder and longer at full speed to maintain your desired room temperature. Keep running costs at an acceptable level by inviting one of our engineers to service and manage your system.

Understanding your legal responsibility

It is now a legal requirement that the owner of an air conditioning system ensures leak checks are carried out at least once a year on any plant that contains more than 3 kg of refrigerant.

You also need to keep a record of all leak checks, to show that this has been carried out by an engineer who holds a current refrigerant F gas handling license. All Mechcool F gas clients are put onto our record system to ensure peace of mind.

Understand more about the legal requirements of owning air conditioning units.

We offer free, no-obligation quotes for all our air conditioning services in Sussex, Surrey and London. Get in touch today or call us 01403 791307 or 07584 438322.