Mechanical Maintenance

Looking after everything else

The skills we have means we're fully capable of taking care of other aspects of your building's system too, in addition to climate control. Our mechanical maintenance service encompasses a variety of specialist equipment, including the following:

office wall mounted air conditioning unit
  • Heating
  • Water treatment
  • Pumps
  • Control panels
  • Control devices

The smallest fault can cause you unnecessary worry. However, one call to Mechcool and we'll straighten any kinks to ensure a smooth-running system.

Ensure optimum performance

Regular service and maintenance is vital for all air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems. It ensures they continue to do the job efficiently and effectively – whether that's warming you up or cooling down vital IT equipment. For most types of system, we recommend that maintenance is carried out every six months, but we are flexible according to individual requirements and happy to work around your budget and timetable.

A MOT for your air conditioning system

Your air conditioning system is a key asset of your organisation, vital for day-to-day operations, customer experience and employee satisfaction. While taking out a maintenance contract might seem like an extra expense, it will save you money in the long run, as well as enhancing people’s experience of your property. Our preventative programmes take away any concerns about how the system is functioning and we offer free advice about the best way to look after it.

Recent changes in the law also mean it is now a legal requirement for leak tests to be carried out at least once a year. This applies to equipment owners of plants with 3kg or more of refrigerant. Leak tests must be carried out by qualified F gas engineers – like the team at Mechcool. Discover more about the new regulations and how they could affect you here.