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Ensure your servers are kept at the optimum temperature for running efficiently with our expert air conditioning installation services in Sussex and Surrey.

Our dedicated server room air conditioning services ensure optimal performance, reliability, and longevity of your valuable IT infrastructure. With our state-of-the-art cooling solutions, we create a controlled environment that effectively regulates temperature and humidity levels, preventing equipment from overheating and potential downtime.

Our expert technicians are well-versed in designing, installing, and maintaining server room air conditioning systems tailored to the unique requirements of your data centre. By providing precise temperature control, effective ventilation and advanced air filtration, we safeguard your servers, network devices, and other equipment against heat-related issues, ensuring uninterrupted service and enhanced operational efficiency.

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Air conditioning units for server rooms

Server room with air conditioning

There are several types of air conditioning units used for server rooms, each offering unique features and benefits. At Mechcool, we create a bespoke system that best suits your needs to ensure maximum efficiency. Here are some of the most popular types:

Wall mounted units

Wall mounted air conditioning units offer specific benefits when used in server rooms. These compact and versatile units are mounted on the wall, providing efficient cooling and temperature control for small to medium-sized server rooms.

One key advantage of a wall mounted unit is their space-saving design, allowing for optimal utilisation of floor space in the server room. They offer targeted cooling to the desired area, ensuring effective heat removal and maintaining stable operating temperatures for sensitive equipment.

Wall mounted units have adjustable airflow direction and fan speed options, allowing for customised cooling settings based on the specific requirements of the server room. These units are energy efficient, providing cost savings over time.

With their ease of installation, maintenance, and flexible placement options, wall-mounted air conditioning units are a practical solution for cooling server rooms with limited space.

Ceiling cassettes

Ceiling cassette air conditioning units are an excellent choice for server rooms, offering several benefits tailored to the specific needs of such environments. These units are mounted flush with the ceiling, providing efficient cooling while maximising floor space.

One of the primary advantages of ceiling cassette units is their ability to deliver even and balanced airflow across the entire server room. They often feature multiple air outlets that can be controlled, allowing for precise temperature distribution and eliminating hotspots.

Ceiling cassette units are known for their quiet operation, which is crucial in server rooms where noise reduction is essential. They are also designed with advanced air filtration systems, effectively removing dust and other particles from the air, enhancing the overall air quality in the server room.

Downflow Systems

Installed in server rooms that have a raised floor with supply grilles in place of tiles, these systems are designed for commercial server rooms that need a high capacity of cooling to be delivered in order to maintain a certain temperature. We can design and install new downflow systems or replace your existing.

Server room

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As well as installing air conditioning, we offer ongoing maintenance and emergency repairs, so we are always there to ensure your system is working optimally.

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