Air Conditioning for Dentists & Doctors

At Mechcool, we install, maintain and repair air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems within healthcare facilities across Sussex, Surrey and London. We have experience of working within:

  • Hospitals
  • Dental surgeries
  • GP surgeries
  • Care homes

We have installed systems in; operating theatres, medical supply rooms, pharmacies, waiting rooms, as well as private and shared accommodation and wards.

We aim to carry out work with minimal disruption which complies with the strict health and safety regulations. Whilst budget may be a factor, we can provide a no-obligation quote and may be able to use your existing systems to lower upgrade costs.

Safe and secure air flow

As healthcare facilities see patients who are unwell, vulnerable or in recovery, it’s essential to provide a stable and comfortable environment that’s good for both mental and physical health.

The right heating or air conditioning system can help with a range of health issues and also improve staff productivity as they undertake important medical work. Advanced features include:

  • Accurate humidity
  • Temperature and filtration control
  • High kW ventilation systems that can be set on timers and remote controlled, designed to be low maintenance.

Get in touch

If you work at a health facility, such as a doctor’s surgery, hospital, care home or medical centre, get in touch to discuss what we can do for you on 01403 791307 or 01342 893820.