Air Conditioning for Gyms

Gyms and their changing rooms can easily become hot and sweaty, especially if steam rooms or swimming pools are nearby. Due to the negative impact this can have on gym members ability to exercise, having an effective air conditioning system is an important consideration and selling point for new and existing members.

Installing a powerful air conditioning system ensures the optimum temperature for getting changed and working out, meaning those using the facilities will be comfortable and encouraged to return:

  • Selling point to new members
  • Comfort for members
  • Improves health and safety
  • Reduces chance of damp

Mechcool offers air conditioning installation, maintenance and repair across Sussex, Surrey and London, including a free on-site survey to design the best system for your layout and requirements that ensure a consistent and effective airflow.

Year long comfort

Enhancing your members’ ability to workout to their full potential and increase performance is a year long commitment and air conditioning rises to the challenge. With variable settings, the systems can respond to the changing British climate and make it the perfect environment whether it’s cold and wet outside, or warm and dry.

A range of ideal systems for gyms can be utilised, including:

  • Energy efficient designs
  • Modern aesthetics.

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